2019 CAF Victoria Summer Camp – Testing for Yudansha Grades

CAF Testing for Yudansha Grades

Testing for Yudansha grades, Shodan through Yondan, will be held on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at the CAF Summer Camp in Victoria, starting at 2:00pm. All test candidates must be registered participants in the CAF, with their dues paid up. Read carefully the following procedure:

Yudansha Test Application

Instructors must supply the following information on each and every test candidate in the body of a plain-text e-mail:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Candidate’s age
  • Testing rank
  • Date of last test (for Shodan candidates)
  • Date of issuance of last Yudansha grade (for Nidan, Sandan, and Yondan candidates)
  • Days of practice since last test
  • Dojo name
  • Sensei name
  • Optional information


  • The candidate’s name should be as it appears on the dojo list from the CAF.
  • Days since last test refers to the number of days that you have practiced; adjust that to include the expected additional days of practice you will have by the test date.
  • Complementary information may be supplied, such as any pertinent physical limitations.
  • The candidate’s sensei should submit the completed Dan Test form. Otherwise, the candidate may submit it with his/her sensei’s permission

Deadline for Application

The Dan test application must be received by the Chairperson of the Examination Committee, Yumi Nakamura, by May 27, 2019.

  • Send the Dan Test application e-mail to Yumi Nakamura at aikido@rogers.com
  • Copy the CAF Secretary, Douglas Mathieu, dmathieu@telus.net
  • Copy the Camp Testing Coordinator, testing@victoriaaikidocentre.com

Other necessary forms

All candidates must fill in the following two forms and then print and sign them and submit them to the Camp Testing Coordinator with the test fee at the start of the camp.

  • CAF Application for Promotion
  • Hombu Application for Test

Two additional forms are required for Shodan candidates

  • Hombu Application to Join Aikikai
  • Hombu Application for Yudansha Book

The forms are fillable PDFs. Acrobat Reader seems to work best for these fillable PDF files.

  • The Coordinator will only accept forms from candidates cleared by the Examination Committee.
  • All forms must be typewritten with no handwriting except for signatures.
  • Where an instructor’s signature is required, your current instructor must sign, except for dojo chief instructors, who must get a signature from a member of the Examination Committee.

The forms are available on the CAF website (Hombu forms are available under “Members”, “Hombu Forms” and the CAF testing form is available under “About”, “Testing Materials”).


Candidates must pay a non-refundable examination fee of $30. Payment of examination fee must be submitted in advance of testing with the necessary forms.

After announcement of a successful test, the promotion fee must be paid to Doug Mathieu, the CAF secretary, or Yumi Nakamura, chair of the exam committee, before you leave the camp. The promotion fee varies with Dan level. See the CAF website for details. Both fees are payable by cheque made out to Canadian Aikido Federation. (No credit card will be accepted). Please anticipate that your payment might be required at the camp following the announcement of a successful test.


Candidates expecting to test can withdraw at any time before the day of the test. However, they should inform as soon as possible:

  • the Examination Committee Chair (Yumi Nakamura),
  • the CAF Secretary (Doug Mathieu) and
  • the Camp Testing Coordinator