Yudansha Black Belt Test


Yudansha Black Belt Test

To register for a yudansha (black belt) test:

  • yudansha test applications should be supplied, or at least endorsed, by the chief instructor
  • preliminary information in text form according to the required format has to be supplied to the Chair of the Examination Committee (EC) for distribution to the other committee members
  • the test forms themselves must be correctly filled out and brought to the seminar/camp in advance of the test along with the necessary fee payments
  • tests may not be authorized unless these procedures are followed.

If dojocho feel that presenting their students for senior tests is not feasible for any reason, including test location, timing or grading panel composition, please contact the Examination Committee to discuss possible solutions.

Thank you,

Jim Barnes
Chair, CAF EC



  • Approval to take a Dan test must be requested at least one month in advance of the testing date
  • A test candidate may withdraw from the test at any time for any reason prior to the test by notifying the EC Chair, the CAF Secretary and the seminar organizer (there is no penalty for withdrawing).

Dan test application






  • Successful shodan test candidates may start wearing a black belt and a hakama after the seminar or training camp where they took their shodan test (not during the event where their test took place)
  • Keep in mind, promotions are considered valid and official only when such promotions are confirmed and recognized by Hombu