‘Shihan’ or ‘Master Instructor’ is the highest honourific title in Aikido. This title is granted by the Aikikai Foundation (Hombu Dojo) at the request of a recognized organization such as the CAF, and it applies only within the organization. A ‘Shihan’ is an Aikidoka of at least 6th Dan, who has been at that rank for a minimum of 6 years, and who has been a shidoin for at least two years. For a more complete description of the requirements please refer to CAFDoc_34-E_CAF Technical Policy v09(pdf).
The names of the current Shihan in the CAF are listed below by location.

CAF Shihan List

BC / VancouverIshu Ishiyama
BC / VictoriaScott Macphail
ON / TorontoGeorge Hewson
ON / TorontoYumi Nakamura
ON / TorontoJim Barnes
ON / TorontoAlex Loo
QC / QuébecPierre Fortin

Shidoin System Summary

A ‘Shidoin’ is an Aikidoka of at least 4th Dan, who is selected by the CAF in conjunction with the CAF Technical Director and Provincial Associations to act as a mentor/teacher for dojos.  The purpose of the Shidoin system is to provide mentoring from senior teachers to dojos, and to help provide CAF dojos with a more consistent technical foundation.  More details about the Shidoin system, its reasons for being created and the specific duties of Shidoin are provided in the CAF Shidoin Terms of Reference
(CAFDoc_34-E_CAF Technical Policy v09(pdf)).

Please also view this letter of introduction of the Shidoin system to the CAF Dojos.

The names of the current Shidoin in the CAF are listed below by location.

CAF Shidoin ‘A’ List

ABSteve Erickson
ABKevin Ellwood
ABKenji Yoshimi
ABGerald Hilchie
ABBill Heron
ABDzung Nguyen
ABHideji Ono
BCPeter Helmer
BCPat Olson
BCBob Moline
BCHilary Dawson
BCLiz McKinlay
BCBruce Riddick
BCJohn Petersen
BCMichael Smorhay
BCRobert Vander Zalm
BCZoran Krunic
BCKim Riddick
NFIvan Booth
NSPeter MacLean
NSPaul MacLean
NSTom Hackman
NSDavid Humphreys
ONRob Carroll
ONDavid Yates
ONPaul Sunn
ONDenis Dias
ONJohn Foster
ONAdrian Iliescu
ONBen Peacock
QCMarcel Lavigne
QCDavid Mooney
QCMichelle Lapointe
SKDon Ragush

CAF Shidoin ‘B’ List

ABTom Wilson
ABRaoul Dub
BCRamin Arvin
BCGrant Babin
ONRobert Fudge
ONGabe DiMarco
ONJohn Malais

Procedures for Contacting Shidoin

Dojos that wish to contact a Shidoin for training advice or assistance may contact them directly through the email addresses provided above, or through the Shidoin’s Dojo contact information as provided on the CAF Dojo web page.

Shidoin positions are voluntary and availability of Shidoin assistance is subject to the schedules and personal preferences of each Shidoin.

Arrangements to reimburse Shidoin for costs incurred for travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the Dojo requesting assistance.  It is expected that Shidoin will not be out-of-pocket for costs incurred to provide assistance to a Dojo.  Any honorariums or fees charged to conduct seminars or workshops is at the discretion of each Shidoin and should be confirmed by the Dojo when making their plans.

CAF Policies Concerning Shidoin and Seminars

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CAF dojos that request a visit of a Shidoin to their dojo may be eligible for a travel subsidy.

This Policy is intended to provide direction to all CAF dojos for the signing of Yudansha Books at seminars being taught by a Shidoin rather than a Shihan.