Exam Committee Seminar, J.C.C.C. Aikikai, Toronto, Nov. 28-29, 2015

Sat. Nov. 28th & Sun. Nov. 29th

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CAF Exam Committee Seminar
Hosted by the J.C.C.C. Aikikai, Aikido Hokuryukai and Aikido Tendokai
– Obata Shihan
– Barnes Sensei
– Hewson Sensei
– Loo Sensei
– Nakamura Sensei

Japanese Canadian Culture Centre
6 Garamond Court, Don Mills. Ont. 416-441-2345

Hosted By:
J.C.C.C. Aikikai
Aikido Hokuryukai
Aikido Tendokai


Attending ADULT Youth(18 and under)
One Day (Saturday) $70 $40
One Day (Sunday) $60 $40
Two Days $90 $80


Sat. Nov. 28 Sun. Nov. 29
9:30-10:00 Registration 9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-12:10 Class* 10:00-1:00 Class*
12:10-2:00 Lunch** (not supplied)
2:00-4:10 Class*
4:20- Tests (1st kyu – 3rd dan)
* Classes with a short break
** OAF meeting during lunch break

Please contact Yumi Nakamura at before Nov. 10 with your name and which rank you intend to test for.

OAF Meeting:
The OAF meeting will take place on Sat. Nov. 28.

Contact: For additional information please contact
Yumi Nakamura at or 416-465-2823

Thank you.

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