Seminar: AikiBlaze with Kim Sensei and Anita Sensei

Join us for a 90-minute Zoom class featuring two instructors from the Canadian Aikido Federation’s Board of Executives.

Kim Riddick Sensei’s class will deepen your solo practice by providing a foundation for relaxed body movement. The mechanics of shomenuchi, yokomenuchi, and tsuki will be used as tools to emphasize dimensions like extension and projection from a centred and alert posture.

Next, Anita Abbasi Sensei will explore the loss of your centre in a class that will challenge your balance, sense of movement, and coordination through the use of tai sabaki exercises and ukemi conditioning.

Aikido students of all levels (even brand new!) and affiliations are welcome! Please try to wear a keiko-gi, if possible, and to have a mat-like surface available for Anita Sensei’s class.


Kim Riddick, 5th Dan
Anita Abbasi, 2nd Dan


Saturday3:30pm-4:15pm PST
6:30pm-7:15pm EST
Kim Riddick Sensei
4:15pm-5:00pm PST
7:15pm-8:00pm EST
Anita Abbasi Sensei

Seminar Registration :

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Saturday$10/household (donation recommended)

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