Summer Camp – Crafting a Traditional Aikido Weapon

When: Tuesday June 21st afternoon (the 1/2-day break)
Where: UBC Okanagan Campus TBA
Open to anyone not interested in touring local wineries or beaches on the 1/2 day off! No prior knowledge or skills required. We will be hand-crafting one of the following aikido practice weapons:

  • traditional style fukuro-shinai – $125
  • bokken – $105
  • tanto – $55
  • Aiki-jo – $85

The weapon we make will be determined by your choice – the selection with the most votes wins! The cost of the class will be in addition to the Summer Camp mat fees, payable in advance of the weapons making class (details to be distributed later.) All materials will be included in the fee. This will be a hands-on class taking raw materials and creating the final product using hand-tools only (tools provided,) they way they were done in ‘the good old days’!

Take home a really special souvenir from Summer Camp this year! A customized practice weapon made by your own hand!

Note that for the wooden weapons, straight-grained white oak will be used, and for the shinai, deerhide, horsehair and bamboo will be used. Additional kits can also be made available for purchase upon request (cost will be the above weapon cost less $40). Class time will vary depending on the weapon selected, but count on needing from 2 to 4 hrs. The cost shown is a tentative cost subject to change based on availability of materials. Once I have an idea of how many people are interested and the weapon we will do, I can give a final firm cost.

If you are interested in attending this class, please email me at () with your weapon preference and full name. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Dan Lamb

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