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Virtual Seminar hosted by Clearwater Aikikai with Ben Peacock, 5th dan – via Zoom

Join Ben Sensei Saturday, March 13, 1 PM (PST)/4 PM (EST), from Burloak Aikikai Aikido for an up-tempo Aikido class to re-ignite your solo practice. This one-hour class will include some boxing drills to get you moving as well as Aikido movements and weapons work that can be practiced at home. Canadian Aikido Federation and BC Aikido Federation members of all levels are welcome to attend.

2021 Recipients of the Kawahara Shihan Award for Outstanding Contribution

The Kawahara Shihan Award for Outstanding Contribution is conferred upon distinguished individuals who have significantly contributed to the advancement of aikido in Canada and honored Kawahara Shihan’s legacy through their service to the Canadian Aikido Federation.

I am pleased to officially announce the 2021 recipients of this prestigious award as follows:

Dennis Adair   Shin Chin   Bill Collins   Hiroaki Izumi   
Paul Martin   Osamu Obata   Fran Turner

A brief profile of each recipient can be found here.

Steve Erickson, President, Canadian Aikido Federation

2021 Kagami-biraki Ceremony Promotions

The Canadian Aikido Federation is pleased to announce the following promotions at the 2021 Kagami-biraki Ceremony:

Yumi Nakamura for 7th Dan
George Hewson for 7th Dan
Dzung Nguyen for 5th Dan
Gabriel Dimarco for 5th Dan
Ivan Booth for 5th Dan
Johannes Malais for 5th Dan
John Patrick Foster for 5th Dan
Adrian Iliescu for 5th Dan
Camber Muir for 5th Dan
Robert Fudge for 5th Dan
Kim Riddick for 5th Dan

Congratulations to all of the recipients!
CAF Board of Directors

CAF COVID-19 Advisory – March 21, 2020

Dan Jones, President Canadian Aikido Federation
Talks ‘Practicing Aikido for Fitness’ on CTV News

Watch CTV News segment on Aikido Marshall Arts at a Dojo in Calgary.
View CTV Interview with Dan Jones

Talking Aikido at the Saskatoon Aikido Club with Don Ragush Sensei

A look at the Japanese martial art Aikido. Don Ragush discusses some insights into Aikido, helping us to understand the major approach to learning and practicing Aikido.
View video

2020 Promotion List

“Congratulations to all of the following members for New Year promotion by Hombu!“

  • Nidan 2nd Dan:  James Kirkland,  Troy Beauregard
  • Sandan 3rd Dan:  Peter MacAuley
  • Yondan 4th Dan:  James Goreas

Promotion of Osawa Shihan to 8th Dan

We would also like to acknowledge the significant promotion of Osawa Shihan to 8th Dan at Aikikai Hombu Dojo during Kagamibiraki 2019. Here is a YouTube link to watch the presentation ceremony.

Examination Committee

Highlights from our Annual Fall Seminar Toronto,
York University Oct 19-21   (more…)

Obata Sensei’s upcoming retirement

On behalf of the Canadian Aikido Federation I would like to congratulate Osamu Obata Shihan on his upcoming retirement to Japan. In addition to being a leader of Aikido in Canada, the Aikikai Foundation also recognizes Obata Shihan as one of the Japanese Instructors Abroad. Aikido students outside of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre will surely miss seeing Obata Shihan on the CAF Examination Committee at our Camps and Seminars. His teaching and input on examination will be missed. His spirit, though, will continue at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.
Obata Sensei profile …

Dan Jones
President CAF

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